We provide trips by boat and by skidoo around Pangnirtung on Baffin Island, Nunavut. Go to Kekerten National Historic Site, Auyuittuq National Park, whale watching, checking out some icebergs or have us take you fishing - or simply arrange a ride with us to get you where you need to be. We can also transport equipment for you into the national park. Prices depend on group sizes. Contact us to get a quote.

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Auyuittuq National Park

Are you planning to go to Auyuittuq National Park, around 35 kilometers from Pangnirtung?  We provide transportation by skidoo or by boat. We can also cache equipment for expeditions. Contact us and well ahead of your trip for travel bookings. And don't forget to get in touch with Parks Canada to get your visitor information package and schedule a mandatory orientation before you enter the park.

Kekerten Island Whaling Station

Kekerten Island is located about 40 kilometers from Pangnirtung and is home to the Kekerten National Historic Site. It used to be a whaling station and has a lot of fascinating history attached to it, most of it still visible on the island. We can take you a tour of Kekerten in the summer. On the way there is an excellent chance of seeing ice bergs or whales.

Whale watching

Pangnirtung area and Cumberland Sound are known for good whale watching. The area has a healthy population of bowhead whales. Also belugas, minke whales and orcas (killer whales) are regularly spotted. We can take you to the best locations for viewing whales.

Arctic char fishing

Artic char can be found in large numbers in the seawaters around Pangnirtung. Joavie owns a fish camp in Kingnait Fiord that is strategically located close to some excellent char fishing. Char fighths hard and tastes excellent. It is the only salmonid in the area.


There are lots of opportunities for outdoor adventures around Pangnirtung. Contact us for more ideas, or propose your own!