About Alivaktuk Outfitting

Alivaktuk Outfitting is operated by its owner, Joavie Alivaktuk. It is the longest existing outfitting business in Pangnirtung. Joavie provides services with expertise and makes sure that clients stay safe and comfortable. Alivaktuk Outfitting operates both in the summer and is equipped with boats, snowmobiles and qamotiqs.

Alivaktuk Outfitting is a licensed business and currently also holds a business license with Parks Canada.

Pangnirtung, Nunavut

Pangnirtung, located 40 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle, is a mountaineous little community on Baffin Island on the shores of Pangnirtung Fiord. It is considered one of the gems of the Canadian arctic.

Pangnirtung, or Panniqtuuq, is rich in wildlife. Arctic animals such as polar bears, seals, bowhead whales, beluga whales and narwhals are common in the area. There are excellent wildlife viewing opportunities for visitors. Pangnirtung is also an excellent place for arctic char fishing which migrate from lakes to the ocean for the summers and head back to the lakes for the winters.

Nunavut's most visited national park, Auyuittuq National Park, is located close to Pangnirtung. Parks Canada has a visitor centre in the community for those heading into the park. Auyuittuq, land that never melts, is a spectacular park with rugged peaks and huge glaciers. It is mostly covered by Penny Ice Cap. It is a wonderful place for hiking, rock climbing, glacier touring, skiing and camping.